providing Actionable results to the most challenging problems



People are highly variable and perhaps your products are too. We are experienced in measuring and managing highly variable product inputs and responses. Likewise, we know that many constraints exist when developing and manufacturing products. We will work with you to understand your capabilities to ensure actionable results.

Let our team help you with:

  • New Product Development and Optimization
  • Improving Existing Products
  • Understanding the Existing Product Category
  • Benchmark, Gold Standard & Competitive Consumer Testing
  • Determining what Drives Consumer Liking within a Product Category- Drivers of Liking Research
  • Understanding Your Consumer- Consumer Segmentation Research
  • Sensory Profiling & Product Categorization
  • Going from Prototype to Product- Scaling New Products
  • Manufacturing Optimization
  • Product Cost and Sourcing Optimization
  • Package Functionality
  • Customizing Quality Control Protocol
  • Nutritional Optimization
  • Data Management and Database Building
  • Training your Team in Statistical Best Practices