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Principal and Founder

Contact: jeff.garza@the-gc.com




Jeff Garza is an experienced sensory and consumer insights statistician with over 20 years of experience in food and beverage companies (including PepsiCo & ConAgra Foods).

Jeff’s love of strategic problem solving has enabled the creation and optimization of a multitude of successful products through the complete understanding of the target consumer. As the marketplace changes rapidly, optimizing existing products and/or rapidly developing new products requires a specialized skill set that the Garza Consulting team strives to put within reach.


His education background includes:

- MS in Mathematical Statistics, Texas Tech University

- BS in Mathematics & Statistics, University of Nebraska


Jeff lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan with his wife and two children. He enjoys independent music, baseball and all things Husker!




Director of Client Analytics

Contact: dan.diehn@the-gc.com




Dan has always worked around food and beverage, from his start in a grocery store in high school to food service in college. He now has over a decade of experience in sensory and consumer insights, with expertise in randomizations and rotations, statistics, programming multiple languages, and analysis. He is particularly fond of clustering/segmentation and loves finding patterns within data, coaxing insights out of complex results.


His education includes a BA in Writing and a minor in Philosophy from Bethel University.


Dan currently lives in St. Paul, MN with his wife and two cats. In his free time, he plays videogames and RPGs, writes, draws, and reads extensively, and enjoys biking, running, and good food and drinks.



Alissa Galatz

Director of Sensory & Consumer Research

Contact: alissa.galatz@the-gc.com




Alissa Galatz is a Sensory Scientist with almost 20 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, including Kellogg Company, PepsiCo & Tyson Foods.


Alissa has extensive knowledge across a wide range of sensory methods, with a passion for development of creative approaches that provide deep consumer and product understanding. She has strong expertise in translating complex data into actionable insights to successfully guide the development of products.


Her education includes MS in Food Science (Sensory Science focus) from Kansas State University and BS in Dietetics from Western Michigan University.


Alissa lives in Naperville, IL with her husband and two children. She enjoys traveling, baking, and gardening.



Ruta Lesniauskas


Contact: ruta@the-gc.com